Introduction is a service that makes it easy to fill out PDF documents.

  1. Create the PDF template by uploading the file
  2. Configure the form fields in our easy template editor or via API
  3. Fill the template with your data provided through an API call

The API requires a key to authenticate the requests, it's provided in our dashboard. You can get one for free by signing up. If you are already signed up we go into more detail on how to handle the API key in the authentication section.

After signing up you can either upload a template via the dashboard or via a request to POST /templates. If the PDF file already contains a fillable PDF form the fields will be directly imported.

You can configure the template fields freely. Currently, the following types are supported:

  • Text field: Most basic field with controls for font size, alignment, and color.
  • Checkbox field: configurable on when the checkbox is ticked.
  • Date field: control the output format and localization, additionally to the normal text field controls.
  • Image field: Render an image in the defined bounding box.


Currently, the following integrations are available:

  • Bubble is a NoCode platform that lets you connect our PDF filling to various other actions from different providers
  • Zaiper: Zapier is a NoCode platform that lets you connect our PDF filling / PDF generation to various other triggers and actions from different providers in a Zap.

More integrations will follow soon. If you wish more add them to our feature requests.